Running Chic, and a 5.5 mile run

As I was about to start writing this post, I realized that few people in this world will want to read details of one person’s run, post after post after post.  So in this post I’m taking a different approach to it.  This post will be about running apparel, or if it’s more appealing to you, let’s call it running FASHION.

Up till now I had been running with the same Puma soccer shorts I bought in 2001.  The biggest problem with them was a lack of pockets and so as I’d run my keys, which were safety-pinned to my shorts, would clink and clank against each other and from half a block away I could see pedestrians turning around to see what that noise coming up behind them was.  It was not too different than a dog running with a little bell on its collar.  So I started taping up the keys so they wouldn’t click and clack as much.  Helped a bit but still sounded like a muffled dog collar.

So onto Sports Basement I went this weekend in search of shorts with pockets and zippers.  The first thing you notice when buying running shorts is that they’re…short.  There’s the Kenyan-runner style which is shorter than my boxer briefs, but even the big brand running shorts can be quite revealing.  I grew up watching the Fab Five with their baggy shorts and there’s no way I can go John Stockton here.  And as the Fab Five did, I ended up going one size up and they fit great.  I went with a pair of Brooks with a side zipper and inside fold-over pocket.

And because I almost did really need it and because it looks pretty sweet, I bought a Brooks long sleeve, wind-protectant running shirt.  Throw in a new running shirt I bought and I’ve got the outfit to look like a runner while I run down the street at a slightly-faster-than-walking pace.

And last night was a windy, slightly chilly one here in the city, but perfect running weather with the right gear.  I headed down Broadway towards Polk and then ran down to Aquatic Park, up the backside hill of and through Fort Mason Park, down to Crissy Field and then back.  It was a ridiculously beautiful run.  My favorite part of the Fort Mason hill is once you’ve crested it, you’re presented with an unmatched nighttime view of the homes of Pacific Heights and the Marina, the yellow from the lights in the windows standing out in stark contrast to the dark sky above.

There is also a stunning nighttime view of the Golden Gate Bridge as you emerge onto the beach path by Crissy Field.  If I ran with my iPhone I would take pictures but you’ll just have to take my word on this.  Or come join me for a run. 🙂

Here’s the run I did:

good shorts
bad shorts
Running Chic, and a 5.5 mile run

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