Our first training session

It’s been a while since I set my alarm on a Saturday morning, but over these next six months it’s going to be a regular occurrence.  This weekend I set it for 6:00 a.m. (ouch) as we had our first team training session at Piedmont High School at 7:45 a.m.  I picked up teammate Sarah who also lives in the city and we headed out together.

Our team met at the school’s track and football field.  It was a sunny but brisk morning as we sat on the bleachers and listened to Coach Mama Lisa and the rest of the team captains and mentors introduce themselves.  Mama Lisa also reviewed the race we’ll be running in August, pointing out once again that we will climb 8,000 feet of elevation during the race.  Then it was time to start warming up.  We ran a couple of laps around the track, then assistant coach Marcie led us in drills designed to strengthen our stabilizer muscles and other exercises to help stave off shin splints.  Lunges were by far the most challenging exercise and I can feel my sore hamstrings right now as I write this the day after.

We did not work out too long today as the second half of the session was for Marathon University, where experts in sports equipment and endurance training nutrition spoke.  I found this really helpful as I’ve never had a coach or guide to help me with this, and typically just wing it, which is fine for runs under ten miles, but I can already tell I’m going to need to know a lot more for the longer runs.

One of our honoree teammates, Justin, spoke to our group and shared his story of being diagnosed with Leukemia in 2008, two days before he was scheduled to start training with a Team In Training group.  He looks healthy and had a great spirit about him, and he was a bit disappointed that his doctor’s would not let him train for a race this year.  He hopes to be in remission soon but there is no set timeline.

One thing that kind of worked out really nicely is as part of our training Mama Lisa wants us to run a marathon of our choice in the month of June.  And that’s exactly when the Ann Arbor marathon is (June 17) which I signed up for before registering for Team In Training.

I was going to run today since we didn’t get much of a workout in yesterday, but those aforementioned hamstrings are a bit sore and my upper right calf muscle has been tightening up lately, and I think it’s better to just rest today.  Besides, who works out on Super Bowl Sunday anyway?

Mama Lisa and the assistant coaches and mentors
Coach Al talking about the importance of nutrition


Justin, our honoree teammate
Our first training session

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