The post race shopping trip to the sports good store

We ran the Woodside Ramble half marathon this weekend, a mere approximate 11.8-12.5 mile run depending on whose Garmin watch you were referring to and if you were looking at mine which includes an extra mile where I made a wrong turn. In my first and only marathon, I accidentally skipped the last two miles of the race, running ‘only’ 24 miles. So this was probably making up for those lost miles.

The race was the smallest one I’ve been to, probably 30-40 runners, and it was a nice change of pace to see a very simple race set up. The trail markings were well done, except for the part where I got lost and ran an extra one mile loop.

The rain started early morning and went the entire race, although I never found it bothersome as the canopy of tree cover above us shielded us for a lot of the run. And on the second half I had some pain in my right knee that took all of my focus away from anything else but this consistent pain shooting up my right side with each downhill step. I managed to find a stride that cause this sharp pain (smaller steps) and found that I was mostly fine when running on flat or uphill terrain.

And then I started thinking about this thing called The Stick and how I was going to buy it right after the race. Imagine a rolling pin that you use to roll over your tight and sore muscles, flattening them out and working out the kinks. Feels good right? Totally right.

So this afternoon I went over to Sports Basement to buy this Stick and of course added some extras I hadn’t planned on buying but obviously needed:

  • Body Glide for the sore and tender right nipple.  Ouch.  It hurts just thinking about the hot shower water hitting that oh so tender right nipple.
  • Nike running gloves with slot for key in each palm. my hands were so frigid cold during the run i had to rip open the Gu with my teeth.
  • Adidas charcoal grey and blue running hat. I could have used a hat during the race.
  • Cytomax electrolytes. I drank Gatorade at the aid station and felt great after so i want to try experimenting with electrolytes in addition to Gu.
  • The Stick muscle massager. for the tight muscles especially up and down my right leg. hoping this helps reduce the knees issues.
  • SmartWool navy blue running socks. They’re the $10.50 a pair socks but I liked the first one and so why not buy a second pair.

That’s it.  Can’t wait for the next race now.

A trip to the sports store
The post race shopping trip to the sports good store

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