Hammer time!

A lot of endurance coaches say that nutrition makes up 30% of a successful training program. So this week I decided to geek out quite a bit on nutrition. I listened to nutrition podcasts and googled around for various info.  I actually found a lot of great info on the Hammer Nutrition website.

The main things I learned:

  • Carbo loading the night before a long run is a myth.  The real carbo loading begins the moment after you complete an intense (one hour+) workout.  What you put into your body in the hour following that is critical to recovering and building up your reserves for your next workout.
  • Sugar is the fuel we need to keep going but not all sugars are equal.  Avoid simple sugars, and anything with fructose and dextrose in the ingredients.  What you’re looking for is Maltodextrin because it is a slow burning, non-simple sugar.
  • Gatorade is sugar water.  When high fructose corn syrup is the second ingredient listed, that can’t be a good thing.  Powerade is just as bad.  It’s owned by Coca-Cola.  What would you expect them to produce?
  • Randomly, I learned that sprouted wheat products are much more nutritious and easier to digest than say a standard whole wheat product.
After all that research, I went over to Sports Basement and loaded up on a variety of pre-, post- and during the run products.  Yum.  
That should cover it
It's Hammer time
Hammer time!

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