Words of encouragement

I really appreciate all my donors and their donations and I just wanted to share some of the words of encouragement I’ve received from a couple of them.

“I just donated for 2 km. Please put me down for km 49 and 50. I want you to be thinking of me as you collapse onto the pavement into a pile of quivering human debris at the end of the race.” – Hassan

“Glad to make a donation. I’m banking on kilometer 14 being the one where you yack.” – Doug

Thanks guys for the inspiration. You should write greeting cards 🙂

Words of encouragement

2 thoughts on “Words of encouragement

  1. Nice one Hass. I don’t know about Doug’s estimate though. I think you’ll yack at 32 Km based on the elevation chart. Said yack will probably beat you down that hill. Good luck!!

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