Less running, more cross-training

A few weeks ago it seemed I was running all the time, peaking at running 6 times in a week. Since then it’s been around 3-4 times as I’ve been trying to incorporate more cross-training into my training schedule. The first couple of months of our season was about building up a base, a foundation to start running longer distances and now I feel like I have the leg strength to push me through double digit miles, but I’m also realizing the rest of my body needs some attention too.

I’ve also been dealing with a right knee issue, the well-known IT band or runner’s knee, and that’s gotten me concerned about running the Ann Arbor marathon next month where it’s 26 miles of solid road, without any of the cushioning of trail running. Foam rolling and other hip stretching exercises have definitely helped but I need to work in some more strength workouts for the supporting cast of the glutes, hamstrings and quads.

I also began the 100 Pushups program which is this simple iPhone app that has you do five sets of pushups in increasing amounts three days a week. Since I don’t do much upper body training that at least gives me something in that area.

And last but not least, I found a great yoga class at the Yoga Tree in Hayes Valley. Everything just feels better after yoga and I made myself buy a three class pack that I have to use in two weeks so I’ll have to go back soon.

Just three more months to the big race!

Less running, more cross-training

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