Euro Cup 2012 Pool

Euro Cup 2012 (men’s soccer) begins this Friday and I’m running a $10 pool to support my Team in Training fundraising.  It takes 10 minutes and $10 to fill out a bracket AND to help a great cause. And of course you can win some $$ too.
Here’s how to do it:
1.  Go to and login (create an account if you need to)
2.  Join the group using password of goalgoalgoal
3.  Pick the teams you think will win.  Two teams from each group will advance.  Single elimination after that.
4.  Paypal me $10 at
5.  Sit back and enjoy the games

Half of the pool’s proceeds will go directly towards the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The rest will go 70% to the winner, 30% to the runner-up.

If you are nervous about playing because you don’t know much about any of the teams, it is perfectly ok to select winners based on things like their uniforms, their human rights records and the possibility of economic collapse within that country.

We will use the standard, default ESPN scoring system.

To be fair to everyone, only entries that have been paid for by the start of the first game will be valid.

Thanks and good luck!

game on

Euro Cup 2012 Pool

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