recap: the Double Dipsea

the Dipsea is a trail. the Dipsea is also a race run on the Dipsea trail. it is a very popular and historic race that always sells out, and so they created the Double Dipsea race which is doing the Dipsea twice. if you gave a masochist free reign to design a 14 mile race course, you would end up with the Double Dipsea. at the end of the first out, you parade down a series of 676 steps into Mill Valley. then you promptly turn around and go right back up them.

when we ran it this weekend the recent light rain had left parts of the trail damp and even slick around some of the stone steps. i stumbled more than i have before, maybe 5 or 6 times. depending on the direction, we climbed and descended Suicide Hill and Cardiac Hill which were STEEP. the downhills were especially fun, flying down the trail jumping over tree roots and rocks and quickly balancing and finding footing.

i was beat the rest of the day.  everyone i talked to after the race was sore for a few days. and it showed me that i need to work on my uphill climbing. my goal is to increase the amount of time i can run up hills before i need to walk it.  for practice, i mapped out this 4 mile hill repeat that includes a steep 1 mile climb and i plan to do this once a week, doing two loops.

Miwok Trail Repeats

here are the complete Double Dipsea race results. i was in the lower third of finishers. i’ve got some work to do!!

recap: the Double Dipsea

recap: the Ann Arbor marathon

i finished the ann arbor marathon last weekend in 4:22. i wasn’t too pleased with the time at first. i had had my mind set on breaking 4 hours. the first and only other marathon i ran i got a 4:43 which should have been way over 5 hours had i not skipped over the last 3 miles.

i reached the halfway point under 2 hours so i was on pace but i had been feeling sluggish for the past hour. i knew i had the strength to finish but i wasn’t sure if i could run in a high gear in the second half. the answer, not really. the heat and humidity of Ann Arbor in the summer was weather i was not used to running in and they were draining me.  i did get a huge emotional boost seeing my family at the starting line, then at miles 15 and 17 and most importantly at the finish line.

i was very sore that evening, in particular my hips and knees. i dreaded going to the bathroom because that meant walking up two flights stairs, very slowly. the next day that pain subsided a lot and then my leg muscles were sore. they hadn’t been this sore in a long time. the day after i was basically fully recovered and walking normally, but i did feel like i needed a bit more rest to fully recharge.

now, i’m actually very pleased with the 4:22 time, plus the fact that i can say i completed the entire 26.2 miles. i wanted to run the whole thing and was doing well for a while but around mile 21 i knew i needed to take a stroll for a bit. i had stopped chasing the 4 hour goal and my new goal was survival and completing the race. i achieved both of those. i can’t wait for the next one.

4 hours, I will get you!Image

recap: the Ann Arbor marathon