recap: the Ann Arbor marathon

i finished the ann arbor marathon last weekend in 4:22. i wasn’t too pleased with the time at first. i had had my mind set on breaking 4 hours. the first and only other marathon i ran i got a 4:43 which should have been way over 5 hours had i not skipped over the last 3 miles.

i reached the halfway point under 2 hours so i was on pace but i had been feeling sluggish for the past hour. i knew i had the strength to finish but i wasn’t sure if i could run in a high gear in the second half. the answer, not really. the heat and humidity of Ann Arbor in the summer was weather i was not used to running in and they were draining me.  i did get a huge emotional boost seeing my family at the starting line, then at miles 15 and 17 and most importantly at the finish line.

i was very sore that evening, in particular my hips and knees. i dreaded going to the bathroom because that meant walking up two flights stairs, very slowly. the next day that pain subsided a lot and then my leg muscles were sore. they hadn’t been this sore in a long time. the day after i was basically fully recovered and walking normally, but i did feel like i needed a bit more rest to fully recharge.

now, i’m actually very pleased with the 4:22 time, plus the fact that i can say i completed the entire 26.2 miles. i wanted to run the whole thing and was doing well for a while but around mile 21 i knew i needed to take a stroll for a bit. i had stopped chasing the 4 hour goal and my new goal was survival and completing the race. i achieved both of those. i can’t wait for the next one.

4 hours, I will get you!Image

recap: the Ann Arbor marathon

One thought on “recap: the Ann Arbor marathon

  1. Doug says:

    Congrats, man. I gotta ask, though, about the pic.

    Is that a rough case of nipple rash? Ouch.

    Either way, awesome job. I’m sure it gives you confidence for the 50km.

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