Running with an open blister (#eww)

At mile 10 I felt a little, teeny pebble in my shoe firmly beneath by right heel.  I shook my foot while I was running but it didn’t move.  I should have stopped and taken it out but for reasons I can’t explain, I did not.  So for the next 20 miles, I ran with this and soon enough I felt the squishiness with each step as I ran on my new blister.

When I (finally) finished, I removed my shoes and saw this massive 3 inch long blister from my heel to the start of my arch, and the whole foot wide.  It looked kinda funny.  The blister had popped on the outside of the foot and so I had a half inch wide skin opening that was ridiculously tender.  The shower after stung.

Band Aid Blister Cushions to the rescue!  These things are pretty sweet.  They’re designed to  cover open blisters, they cushion the blister so it isn’t painful to walk on, and they stay in place for days even with showers.

I’m going on a run tonight and we’ll see how this bad boy holds up.  More to come…

UPDATE: I went for a 4 mile run last night and didn’t feel the blister at all.  These things work awesome.  It is peeling off now after a couple of showers and the run so time for a new one.

And I got to do the run with none other than Scott Jurek, who was hosting a fun run and book signing.  Awesome!

Me and Scott Jurek

Advanced Healing Blister Cushions

Running with an open blister (#eww)

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