Now, I’m glad it sucked

I’m glad Sunday’s 50k sucked.  I was tired and under prepared and grouchy for large parts of the second half of the race.  But that’s perfect.  Now that I’ve had a few days to think about it, I think it may have been just what I needed to prepare me for the North Face 50 Mile.

The mental attitude is such a key part of my running.  I experienced a wide range of very highs to very lows in the 8 hours I was running.  The lows suck.  I wanted to quit.  I wanted to sleep.  I’m now very glad I didn’t.  I learned that I can run a 50k and be moderately sore the next day but only for a couple of days.  Now it’s Wednesday and I’m almost fully recovered.

I met this guy Ken during my run that had the best attitude that I wish I could adopt during my runs.  Hell, during my life!  We had over 12 miles to go with most of it uphill.  I said something about how I wish this race was over, and he responded with “Oh it’s almost over.  Once we get down to the bottom of this hill, the only way back is to finish the race!”  Technically hitching a ride and driving up Highway 1 would have been another way but I got his point.

The 50 Miler is going to be killer.  I know it.  I’m going to have some low moments, low periods, low long stretches.  But I’ve surprised myself with how I can bounce back from those moments, how my mood can shift from grumpy old man to fuck yeah let’s run this bitch.  Nutrition plays a big part.  Hydration, all that stuff.

My friend Stephen who will be pacing me during the 50 Miler told me this, in response to my telling him about my long 8 hour finish time: “You are finishing these races, not DNFing (‘did not finish’).  Be proud of that.”

Yup.  I had a hard race, hit some low spots but still finished.  Hell yeah.  Bring on the 50 miler!

Now, I’m glad it sucked

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