Prepping for the North Face 50 mile

I went on my last run yesterday, a short and relaxed 3 mile run with the SF Run Chuggers.  I skipped the chugging part this week.  I had a strong lower body workout on Monday and ran three days this week.  I feel ready, not nearly as anxious or excited as I was for the Tamalpa 50K.  I think the experience of having run a couple of these ultras is making me a bit wiser.

Still, we’ve got some bad weather coming in, and they just announced they are rerouting parts of the course due to possible trees falling on the course.  Should be a real adventure.  I bought a waterproof running jacket this morning, the Brooks Essential II.

I went down to the North Face store in Union Square this morning to get my race shwag which included:

  • arm warmers
  • water bottle
  • tshirt

And I dropped off two drop bags filled with changes of clothes and refills of my GU gels and salt tablets and other deliciousness I’ll need throughout.  They’ll have many of these things on the course but I prefer to use what I’ve been training with when possible.

Now all that’s left is to get enough sleep and eat lots of carbs in the next 36 hours.

Picking up race number and dropping off my drop bag
Contents of my two drop bags
Prepping for the North Face 50 mile

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