Explanation of heart rate training zones

Explanation of heart rate training zones

There are a few ‘training zones’ when talking about heart rate training.  This article does a great job in spelling out what your body is doing and what you are achieving in each zone.  Zones 2 and 4 are the ones I need to be focusing on now, particularly zone 2 as I’m building up my base.  Translation: I need to build up my body’s ability to use fat for fuel.


Heart rate targeted running

I’ve been wanting to try heart rate targeted running since reading about it in Finding Ultra and hearing lots of success stories with it.  If you’re not too familiar with it, the objective is to use your heart rate to determine your speed, and typically the goal is to run at 60-70% of your maximum heart rate, which feels slooowww.

I tried it out tonight.  The first thing I noticed was how slow I needed to go to run at my 110-130 heart rate goal.  I was nearly always closer to 130 than the other end.  A few miles in it seemed like I was going at a faster pace at the same heart rate.  My watch gives pace and heart rate readings together so I would match up my heart rate with the pace I was going.  Initially it was around a 12:30 minute mile.  By the end it was closer to 12:00.  Could have been downhill too.  That seems like a big jump.

Here’s my run on Strava.  Click Performance to see my heart rate http://app.strava.com/activities/37112990

I found this site great for figuring out my max heart rate.  To learn my resting heart rate, I slept with my heart rate monitor on a few nights and read my heart rate first thing in the morning.  54 bpm!


Heart rate targeted running