A new spirulina and protein for my morning smoothie

I’ve always used plain hemp powder as my protein source in my morning smoothies, but when I ran out I decided to try out Plant Fusion.  I’ve read that you ideally need a blend of protein sources to create a complete protein (getting all the essential amino acids) and Plant Fusion has that, whereas hemp on its own does not.

And I just ran out of spirulina and decided to try a new brand Pure Hawaiian.  The first review on Amazon is very longwinded helpful.  It seems like Hawaiian spirulina is more nutritious and flavorful.  Who knew?  The protein concentration is much higher ~3x in this brand than the previous one I had.

I added the protein and spirulina to my staple other smoothie ingredients including one banana, fresh oj, coconut water, chia seeds, maca powder, pineapples and strawberries (frozen), cacao powder and agave nectar and Udo’s oil and gave it all a whirl for about a minute.

The Result

Wow!  The taste was amazing but what stood out even more was the grittiness I had gotten accustomed to from the hemp powder was completely gone.  The smoothie went down very smoothly (like it’s name suggests it should) and made for a refreshing morning post workout drink.

Super smoothie
Super smoothie
A new spirulina and protein for my morning smoothie

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