Training for the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim

I was looking for some running motivation at the start of the year. I enjoy races but I don’t need to do them very often. So when I was invited to run 46 miles in the Grand Canyon I said heck yeah! That was end of February. With just over two months to train for a long self supported run with 11k feet of elevation, I decided I should hire a coach. So I’m working with Tim Long who is putting together a training schedule that has me running nearly every day, and pushing myself harder than I have ever done. The workouts can be exhausting but it feels good after.

Last week I had a 4 hour run with hills on the schedule for Friday. I drove up to Pantoll Station on Mt Tam and ran four very strong hours down to Stinson Beach and back up Steep Ravine. Then down the super fast and fun Ben Johnson trail before climbing out the Lost Trail and finally, ending with a nice climb on the Dipsea. I felt really strong throughout the run even though I was trying to set a vigorous pace. I drank a lot of water and took a Gu every 30 minutes. This is new for me as I’ve always done every 45 minutes. The 30 minutes makes a *huge* difference for me. I didn’t feel very sluggish and felt alert and awake the whole drive home, and stayed out late that night. I felt great!

I like this chart because it clearly shows I’m spending most of my time in zone 2 which is where I want to be during a long run.

Zone 2 Fat Burning
Zone 2 Fat Burning

Training for the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim

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