Let the 2015 training begin!

I was both disappointed and relieved when my name didn’t get drawn for Way Too Cool because I was not in any 50k shape at the moment.  March all of a sudden crept up, and I am only recently ending my post North Face take-a-break approach to training.

But now…

I am about to kick off my 2015 ultra marathon training season. Up till now I’ve ran 35 times and 265 miles this year, and that was to maintain at least some level of mid-distance running. I’d say I’m currently at a 3 hour running time limit before things begin breaking down.

I signed up with Ann Trason and she’s made a workout for my first two weeks. Today is the first day of my training plan and it was upper body and 12-14% inclines on the treadmill. This second exercise is for practicing fast hiking on a steeper uphill. I started the incline 12% and increased it .5% every 7 minutes. My heart rate was in the mid-140’s in the first half of the workout, then at the higher inclinations they were low-150’s.

I stepped off the treadmill after 30 minutes and was drenched. I’m not used to sweating that much while running. The wicking clothes have gotten so good we’ve forgotten what it feels like to sweat. Or maybe it’s because I’m not pushing myself hard enough to sweat 🙂

I’m excited to have a training plan to work off of. Aside from giving clear structure to my overall training plan, I’m looking forward to learning a lot from Ann about lots of things ultra running related.

Day two training, 60 minute morning run with a handful of 45 second acceleration bursts.  Yoga in the evening.

If you’d like to follow my workouts, I’m on Strava.

Let the 2015 training begin!